MadiMac - The Modern Comic Shop of Canada. Established in 2020.

What we had in our minds on the onset of this website - was to bring together creative minds in the comic industry and try to educate those with a yearning to understand and appreciate the fantastic writing, the beautiful inks and compositions of some of the elite artists of our times. To appreciate the mentors of the past like Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Frank Frazetta, Will Eisner and too many to mention but let the art and words speak for themselves within this website.

Madimac Comics has individual comics for sale of all eras, but our main focus is to put together a major collection of brilliant writers and artists. Some of our ongoing collections are Walking Dead, Spawn, Deadpool, Harley Quinn and of course Batman and Amazing Spider-Man. Our Sandman has only 3 comics left to find to complete the collection and comes with some beautiful Slabs, Signature Series, Hard Covers and TPB books.

Some of the writers, artists and creators we'd like to thank personally for all that they have achieved and given happiness to the youth and the elderly. Berni Wrightson, Michael Kaluta, Jeffrey Jones, Frank Frazetta, Vaughn Bode, Moebius, Will Eisner, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Danny O'Neil, Steve Ditko, Joe Kubert ... to continue ..

Have fun searching through our collections and publishing comic companies.