Harley Quinn (2000) #11 – Karl Kesel Terry Dodson – RAW – Collection Copy


Series: 1st 2000 | Published: October, 2001 | See Full Collection

Written by Karl Kesel, Art and Cover by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson


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WRITTEN BY KARL KESEL; ART AND COVER BY BY TERRY DODSON AND RACHEL DODSON. Guest-starring Nightwing as a…carjacker? What could lead him to such a dastardy deed? Why, Harley Quinn, of course! How will our hero, er, villain escape this one? Meanwhile, Oracle is determined to stop Harley once and for all, and she’s not the only one. Nix and Buster are scheming against her, Matches Malone is about to strike, and let’s not even talk about the Stooges. This story builds towards our catastrophic, oversized twelfth issue ? so don’t miss this action-filled prelude! FC, 32 PG. Cover price $2.25.