Harley Quinn (2000) #13 – Karl Kesel Tim Sale – RAW – Collection Copy


Series: 1st 2000 | Published: December, 2001 | See Full Collection

Written by Karl Kesel, Art by Pete Woods and Mark Lipka, Cover by Tim Sale


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Joker Last Laugh, Pt. 16 of 33. WRITTEN BY KARL KESEL; ART PETE WOODS AND MARK LIPKA; COVER BY TIM SALE. With the world becoming “Jokerized,” will this mean Harley is reunited with her one true love? Think again! Instead, the Joker sends two of the strangest villains we’ve ever seen ? Moonrock and Luna ? after Harley to bring his wayward honey home. After all, Harley knows the secret of the Joker venom which has been causing havoc all throughout the DCU ? and that makes her a threat! With only Poison Ivy around to help, it’s time to ruuuuuuuun! FC, 32 PG.$2.25 Cover price $2.25.