Harley Quinn (2000) #28 – A. J. Lieberman Mike Huddleston – RAW – Collection Copy


Series: 1st 2000 | Published: March, 2003 | See Full Collection

Written by Andy Lieberman, Art and Cover by Mike Huddleston and Troy Nixey


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WRITTEN BY ANDY LIEBERMAN; ART AND COVER BY MIKE HUDDLESTON AND TROY NIXEY. The series’ sensational new direction continues! Gotham Police are closing in on Harley, even as her psychiatric practice brings her a decidedly disturbed ? and disturbing ? new patient! And when she discovers the Joker may have had a hand in her current trouble, it leads her to a fateful confrontation with the one- time love of her life. FC, 32 PG.$2.50 Cover price $2.50.