The Batman Collection by DC Universe

This is a very special series from my early childhood comics, to buying signed Batman comics - this collection started with no intention of collecting one of the most iconic heroes along with Spider-Man from Marvel. In fact my intention was never to collect Batman or Amazing Spider-Man - but here we are and I'm so glad I changed my vision on where to take Madimac Comics. Check out the Amazing Spider-Man Collection - equally as majestic and a dark treasure from our past.

We are absolutely interested in anything Batman Comics. If you have a collection or a few special issues you'd like to give a new home - we'd be interested in any grade over VF+. Contact us here.

We have listed every comic and TPB and Hard Cover books etc below. Every cover is the actual comic or book to allow you to see the condition of these amazing books by DC Batman and the crew of artists, letterers, colourists etc.

Purchase CollectionA beautifully graded treasure!