The Punchline Collection by DC Universe

One time owner collection. These artist absolutely capture Punchline in all her crafty-villianess ways! We adore Frank Cho, Stanley 'Artgerm" Lau, Jasmine Putri, Guillem March and all the others we so humbly forgot to mention, in their pursuit to portray this soon to be bad ass iconic villain. She is going to give Harley a run for Gotham, but the Sirens might have another idea on that line of reasoning!

Every cover is the actual comic or book to allow you to see the condition of these amazing books by DC and the crew of artists, letterers, colourists etc. If you want to see the back of the cover, simply click the link to see the individual product and there you can zoom into the back cover and see the grade of the back cover.

Purchase CollectionA beautifully graded treasure!