The Walking Dead Collection by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore & Charlie Adlard (Image Comics, Skybound Comics)

This is a very special series mainly because of my early day fascination with horror and zombie films and comics. I remember back in the late 2000's and a friend told me to checkout 'The Walking Dead'. Being a big Berni Wrightson and Mike Plogg fan - I had to investigate Robert Kirkman's TWD zombie comics. I didn't have much money for investing into comics during that time, but thought to myself 'this is something for later down the road'.

Well, it was a very expensive down the road, as the TV series had become a huge cult following during the first 2 decades of 2000 and I could only see the rise in costs for these precious 193 comics. So here we are 1 year later with 65% of the complete 193 (1st Series) comic book issues and 55% of all Variants, signed Slabs, Limited Edition hard cover book, TPB and so much more it will take sometime to post everything in this gallery. Also in this collection are the issues of TWD Deluxe as they're being printed over the next 8 years - a long and winding road indeed!! We're in it for the long haul in living colour...Go Robert Kirkman!!! Never Say Never!! Nudge Nudge Wink Wink!!!

Checkout the Robert Kirkman Collection as well (Obilivion Song, Outcast, Invincibles, Die! Die! Die! and more.) If you have any issues we're missing - we'd be interested in purchasing them especially issue #2, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 15 at a fair price. Comics must be in VF+ condition or better. Contact Us!

We're in the process of listing every comic and TPB and Hard Cover books etc below for this treasured collection. Every cover is the actual comic or book to allow you to see the condition of these amazing books by Robert Kirkman and company and his crew of artists, letterers, colourists etc. The TWD Empire!!! Long live the dynasty...

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