Sandman (1989) #70 Neil Gaiman – RAW – Collection Copy


Series: 2nd 1989 | Published: August, 1995 | See Full Collection

Written by Neil Gaiman, with art by Michael Zulli. Painted cover by Dave McKean.


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The Wake, Part 1 of 4. The shocking conclusion of ‘The Kindly Ones’ has altered forever the face of the Dreaming, bringing with it a time of reflection and a sad celebration. It’s a wake in which friends and loved ones, relatives and rivals, fleeting lovers and immortal enemies gather to pay their respects…and to mourn their loss. ‘The Wake’ is a 3-part story arc by Neil Gaiman and exquisitely illustrated by Michael Zulli (WITCHCRAFT, ALICE COOPER’S THE LAST TEMPTATION), whose art is reproduced and colored directly from the beautifully detailed pencils. Gaiman reunites the Endless for the first time since ‘Season of Mists,’ as the enigmatic siblings vist the Necropolis Litharge, where a monument is erected, and where the future begins to take shape. Painted cover by Dave McKean. Suggested for Mature Readers. Rebax Format. Cover price $2.50.